The Ultimate Interval Training Guide

For athletes of all sports, interval training has been getting more and more popular. Interval training is an effective way to get the benefits of cardio in less time, burn fat, and increase the heart’s efficiency. The best thing of all is that it can be done by anyone of any fitness level!   So in…


6 Benefits of Adding Probiotics to Your Diet

Bacteria has an extremely negative connotation, no wonder why eating a billion live cultures a day seems like a sickening mouthful. While many health conscious people look for the best foods and supplements, even more still have yet to include a probiotic into their daily diet. Probiotics are live microorganisms that help to improve your…


Product Review: Oh Yeah Nutrition Whey Protein & Victory Bars

OhYeah nutrition is a great company that has been developing quality products over the years. They recently sent me some products to sample and wanted me to write my honest reviews on them. I received victory bars and protein powder. Protein Powder I am very picky when it comes to trying different supplements and if…

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How to Strengthen Your Bladder & Pee Less Often

It’s no secret that Kegels or pelvic floor exercises are perfect for urinary health, yet many people are unsure what they are and how to do them. An estimated 33 million people in the United States suffer from an overactive bladder and an estimated 12.2 million of these individuals have urgency incontinence. Research indicates that…


6 Reasons to Exercise during Pregnancy

You’re pregnant and a very exited mommy-to-be, but what about the gym? Do you still have exercise in your mind or has it left the building? Many years ago, exercising during pregnancy was frowned upon, but now with the advances in research, we now know that it has many benefits for you and your baby….


Should You Cooldown after a Workout?

You feel beat and run down after every workout session and you want to hit the sack as soon as possible. Not so fast, as abruptly ending your workout session can lead to many problems you might have never thought of. You remember that gym class  teacher who told you that a cool down period…


Are Frozen Fruits & Vegetables as Healthy as Fresh Ones?

Who doesn’t enjoy the convenience of frozen fruits and vegetables? It takes little time to prepare and is already chopped up! So why not opt for the frozen variety at the grocery store? In regards to produce , there is a lot of debate between fresh versus frozen veggies, and which is better. However, understanding some…


5 Foods that May Trigger Inflammation

Most people don’t realize that there are many everyday foods that can trigger inflammation, like bacon, eggs, coffee and dairy products. This might not sound like a big deal but consider that most chronic conditions like cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and obesity have been linked to inflammation.   Low-grade inflammation is a factor in most health…