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LALA Yogurt Product Review

I had to opportunity to try out LALA Yogurt smoothies and I loved them! One reason why I really like this yogurt is because it contains all natural ingredients and has no artificial flavors or colors. So it’s basically like making your own fresh homemade smoothie. As a fitness coach and corporate wellness specialist, I have a really…

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Lack of Motivation?

No matter what fitness level you’re at, whether you’re working out a few hours per week, or just the casual gym goer, we all want to be better, accomplish goals, and improve our lives. Everyone wants to be better than they were before, but sometimes it can be difficult if we’re not motivated. Most of…


Meal Planning Made Easy

When you speak to friends about nutrition, this question always comes up ” What diets have you tried?” There’s so much hype around “fad diets” and most people have come to realize that they don’t work. So if these generic diets won’t help you reach your goals, what will? We all know the basics of…

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#GETYOURGOALON with Vitamin Shoppe!

There’s nothing better than coming home to a big package from Vitamin Shoppe right on my doorsteps! When I opened it, I was amazed to see all the great products inside – it felt like Christmas all over again! Some of the products I received were protein samples, organic coconut oil, liquid melatonin digestive enzymes,…


Silk Meatless Monday Night Challenge

When most people think of plant-based diets, they imagine that their taste buds have to suffer. In fact, there are ways to transition to a plant-based diet and actually enjoy the foods. This week, I decided to try the Silk #MeatlessMondayNights Challenge. I did this for a few reasons: first to show others that you…

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CW Botanicals Transdermal Gel Pen Review

I recently had the opportunity to try ​CW Botanicals’ new product, the Charlotte’s WebTM infused transdermal gel pen. At first I was skeptical when reading some of the potential benefits it offered but I decided to use it with an open mind. The transdermal pen ​made with cannabidiol (CBD) derived exclusively from CW Botanicals’ proprietary Colorado-grown hemp….

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Vitamin Shoppe Shopping Trip

I recently made a trip to my local Vitamin Shoppe store on Rt. 22 in Springfield, New Jersey to get some new supplements. I have been going to this particular location for a few years because of their great service and knowledge of supplements. Once I walked into the store, I was greeted by an…

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