How Visualization can Improve Athletic Performance

How Visualization Makes Athletes More Successful Have you ever gotten yourself pumped up before a big competition or even before a workout?  Do you think it had a positive effect on your outcome? Well science says it does. Sport visualization is used by many sports psychologist to help motivate athletes. It is also known as…


Aspartame: Is it a Part of Me?

Let’s face it, everyone eats sugar, rather if they chomp on an apple or if they suck down an Arizona tea beverage. Even broccoli contains sugar, but broccoli and apples are sure to not contain one of the most frowned-upon sugar substitutes on the grocery store shelves such as aspartame.  Just because you don’t put…


Importance of Flexibility Training

Is flexibility training important? Yes! Muscular imbalances are often a result of poor seated or standing posture, emotional stress, repetitive movements, lack of core strength, genetics, previous injuries and poor training methods to name a few. These variables can lead to joint pain and diminished flexibility i.e. tight muscles. Flexibility is defined as the normal…


How to Make Fruit Infused Water at Home

Drinking water is essential to good health. The problem is that many people don’t do so because they feel that water doesn’t taste great. If you’re one of those people or if you’re just looking for a fun and flavorful way to enjoy a refreshing glass of water while getting extra vitamins and antioxidants, you’re…


Hot Yoga: What You Didn’t Know

Yoga is an exercise craze that has taken the world by storm. Walk through any major city or place full of health conscious fitness enthusiasts and you’ll surely find many yoga studios that offer Bikram, or hot yoga. This form of yoga is also very controversial, because some concerns have been raised to whether is…


#WTF is Ballistic Training

Ballistic training is a type of strength training that exercise characterized by movements in which athletes perform exercises by basically projecting resistance into the air using maximal speed and power. The word “ballistic” comes from the Greek word for throw. It is used by athletes to build explosive power.  Some ballistic movements, such as Olympic…

Anterior Pelvic Tilt Guide and Treatment

Correcting Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Anterior pelvic tilt refers to a posture problem that can usually be seen with people who spend a large portion of their day sitting. It is one of the most commonly seen postural abnormalities and can be seen by looking at a standing person from the side. You will notice a deep curve in the…

Life style

Sitting your Life Away?

Physical fitness is essential for good health. If you think about our history as humans, we always had to be in shape whether it is to hunt for food, fight off enemies, build a home, or simply survive whatever gets thrown at us. Even though it may not seem like it on the surface, all…