Do you want to take charge of your life, commit to your resolution and finally get back in amazing shape?

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 Join the 60 Day Transformation Challenge to drastically change your health (and your life)...

You'll be provided with the proper guidance, support, and motivation to work towards reaching your goals! Let go of every excuse you can think of and challenge yourself to change and WIN BIG!


At the end of the 60 Days, over $5,000 in prizes and cash will be awarded each to the man and woman with the best transformation!

What is the 60 Day Challenge?

The 60 Day Challenge was created by transformation specialist and RippedNFit Founder, Romy Antoine.


After years of perfecting this methods and successfully motivating and transforming clients all over the world, he decided to put his system to the test with a friendly competition.


This challenge will motivate and inspire people to be get in shape, make a change, and reach their full potential while trying to win some awesome prizes!


It's a 60 day contest starting on Feb. 1, 2016 in which participants will follow a meal guide and workout plan and track their progress. At the end of the 60 days, contestants will be evaluated to see who's made the biggest change in body composition and fat loss.


Grand Prize Awarded to 1 Man & 1 Woman!

The grand prize will consist of all the items below totaling over $5000 each!

  • Withings Smart Body Analyzer Scale

    MSRP $149

  • Withings Activite Pop Smart Watch

    MSRP $149

  • 3 Month Premium Coaching Plan with Romy

    MSRP $1800

  • Cash Reward

    Cash prize will increase as more contestants enter.

  • Supplement Stack

    A full supplement stack to fuel your workouts from one of our brand partners

  • Bodylastics Resistance Band Set

    MSRP $79

  • Vitamin Shoppe Gift Card

    Get more supplements and accessories from the best supplement shop!

30 Day Transformation Prize

The man and woman with the best 30 day transformations will also receive a Withing's Scale and Smart Watch


How Does It Work?


Commit - Participants will sign up and commit to 60 days of new health


Eat - Follow the meal guide or UPGRADE TO A CUSTOM MEAL PLAN for better results



Train - Follow Romy's complete training program full of tutorials and directions


Submit - At the halfway mark, contestants will submit a 30 transformation, and a prize will be given out for the best 30 day transformation



The hardest part about changing your body is getting started. So if you've been putting off getting in shape because you're still looking for that "perfect moment," there's no better time than right now to begin your fitness journey.


As an added bonus, we've set up 3 entry levels:



Basic Entry

  • Entry to the Challenge

    Congrats, you’re in and ready to get started!

  • Training program with detailed demonstrations

    I don’t just give you a list of exercises. I handpick the ones that best fit your goals, and I actually show you how to do them!

    SRP ($149)

  • Meal pan with shopping lists and recipes

    Don’t get stuck eating the same thing every day! I’ll give you a huge choice of food so that you can actually enjoy your diet.

    SRP ($149)

  • Daily Support via email

    You will get lots of motivation plus email answers to all your fitness and health questions within 24 hours!

  • Investment : $49

    Time for some results!




Premium Fast Track

50% better chance of winning!

Reach your fitness goals even faster with this customized plan that offers more support and guidance from the team. With the Premium  Fast Track Plan, you get everything included in the Basic Level, plus…
  • 60 Day Custom Designed Meal Plan

    with complete macronutrient and portion breakdown.

    This meal plan is made exactly for your goals and tailored to your body type and lifestyle. I don’t try to keep things secret and mysterious. You know exactly what you’re eating, every time!

    SRP $299

  • Daily support via private FB Group

    You’ll get access to an exclusive forum when you join where you can chat with people just like you and share success stories, give encouragement, or just listen in on the conversation. I’ll even be around to personally answer your questions.

  • Investment Rate : $99

    Get started on the fast track!




Platinum Physique

85% better chance of winning with full direct support from Romy

I will guide you through the challenge each step of the way, you get everything included in the Premium Level, plus…
  • 60 Day Custom Training Program

    Plenty of people try to sell you generic plans, but they only leave you with generic results. Here’s a custom workout plan that will help you target problem areas and give you the ultimate transformation.

    SRP $299

  • Intro 1-on-1 Coaching Call with me, Romy Antoine

    Prior to beginning the challenge, you can schedule your 45 minute phone call. We’ll go over your goals, fears/ concerns, roadblocks, and unique challenges, and I’ll help get you through all of them.

    SRP $149

  • Bonus Downloadable Workouts, Recipes and Guides

    Extra motivation, a recipe book, and targeted workout guides

    SRP $99

  • Supplement Recommendations

    If you’re interested, I’ll show you the best, safest supplements that fit your goals!

    SRP $49

  • Investment Rate: $199

    You’re in it to win in


Right now could be the moment that changes your year -- and your life -- for good! So don’t put it off. JOIN the 60 Day Challenge TODAY!

$49.00Flat Fee
  • Training Guide
  • Generic Meal Plan
  • Daily Email Support
Sign Me UP!
$199.00Flat Fee
  • Everything in premium plus...
  • Intro 1-on-1 Coaching Call with Romy
  • 60 Day Custom-Designed Training Program
  • 60 Day Custom-Designed Meal Plan
  • Bonus Downloadable Workouts, Recipes and Guides
  • Supplement Recommendations
Ready to Win!


  • q-iconHow will the transformation be judged?

    Winners will be chosen based upon physical improvement visible in “before” and “after” pictures and according to the contestant’s body-composition stats. Judges’ decisions are final.

    Progress pictures must be taken in the same or very similar clothing and in the same lighting.


    A committee of judges will choose one male winner and one female winner who have achieved the best overall transformations.

  • q-iconWhere and how do we submit our pictures?

    Directions for submitting pictures and measurements will be emailed upon sign up.


    Upload a front-view, side-view, and back-view picture by February 14, 2016 at 11:59 pm EST for “before” pictures and April 3 at 11:59 pm EST for “after” pictures.

    In the front-view picture, hold up that day’s newspaper with the date visible. Or write or print out the Challenge hashtag on a piece of paper and hold it up. The hashtag will be revealed after you register.

    Wear a swimsuit or clothing that shows ¾ or more of your body, so we can see the amazing changes to your physique.

  • q-iconWhen does the entry close?

    Entry closes at 11:59PM on Feb 14, 2016

  • q-iconWho is eligible to enter?

    The contest is open to any US Resident over the age of 18.

  • q-iconWhen will the winners be notified?

    There will be a judging period beginning April 4 for 7 days. Winners will be notified within 14 days after the contest ends.

  • q-iconI don't have a gym membership, can I still do the workout program?

    Yes workouts can be done at home or the gym.

  • q-iconWill my pictures be private?

    No all your photos will be public and posted on Facebook and Instagram along with your story.


    In your front-view photos only, hold up that day’s newspaper with the date visible. Or write or print out the Challenge hashtag on a piece of paper and hold it up. The hashtag will be revealed after you register.