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The Power Of Protein

Protein; a macronutrient also referred to as amino acids when broken down that is undoubtedly a key nutrient to the body.   It’s extremely valued by athletes and recommended by physicians for the important role it plays in all ages.  Unfortunately, not all proteins are created equal and a lot of people are not aware that…


Top 5 Flour-Powers

Baking and/or cooking are undoubtedly one of America’s top hobbies with several special occasions to back up that theory such as birthdays and holidays.  Unfortunately, many consumers choose to stick with the most common, least beneficial flours simply because most of them aren’t aware of the varieties available along with their health benefits.  Other reasons…


Abdominal Anatomy: Your Abs Explained

Your abs: a complicated, yet sexy muscle group on your body that has everyone wishing and thinking they could understand what it takes to achieve those sculpted lines. A lot of people always ask, “How can I get rid of my gut?” or “What can I do to tighten my lower abs?” Unfortunately they don’t…


Sarcopenia 101: Are You Young Enough?

What if you woke up one day and you noticed your muscles were getting smaller and weaker?  Most people are not familiar with what is defined as a condition of age-related loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength, also referred to as sarcopenia.  As for the ladies, typically in our thirties and forties, we’re busy…


Pump It Up With Pumpkin

  The average person probably knows to some extent that pumpkins are good for you, yet on the other hand, other than their familiarity with “Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin,” don’t know the full extent of all the greatness they bring.  The word ‘pump’ should be derived from the word pumpkin because of all the wow-factors…

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Competition Attitudes & Stresses: How to Cope

Competition today is at its highest in almost every category ranging from cars, electronics, general services, even something as silly as toothpaste! But what people don’t seem to realize is competition doesn’t always involve materialistic items, it lies within yourself as well, especially when you take the stage. What am I talking about? Well think…

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Top 10 Ways Gym Goers’ Waste Time

I bet a lot of you are determined one way or the other to maintain that New Year’s resolution of a better body and healthier lifestyle.  However, some of you may still be struggling getting the results you want.  A number of typical scenarios could be the issue such as a poor diet, lack of…


Ultimate Food Prep Guide For The Week

Isn’t it ironic that we can manage a business, take care of important tasks that positively affect many other people, but we can’t even manage our own time which only ends up negatively affecting ourselves?   Well, the best way is to think of it as being on the clock 24/7 and simply prioritize. Living…


Bulking Up: Why Women Shouldn’t Fear

“Bulky” is almost a dreaded word, especially when it comes to females working out.  Guys want it but the ladies don’t, therefore the reason most women have a fear of taking up strength training and believe the myth that lifting weights will make them “bulk up.”  Instead, other appealing activities are of more interest simply…

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