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Top 5 Worst People In The Gym

We all know or at least have seen someone who rubs you the wrong way simply by their actions.  It happens anywhere, including the gym.  Everyone that goes to get their swol-on has at least one thing in common, wanting to get fit.  What about common courtesy?  You would think that every gym member would…


Top 5 Fitness Industry Flaws Exposed

Fitness is not just a lifestyle, it’s also a huge, sought-after industry that many are involved with, if not at least curious about. From the picture-perfect models in the magazines, the totally cool machines and equipment to help shape and tone, even the appealing clubs and perks for gym memberships are all reasons people would…


Why Exercise is REALLY Important

Exercise: The one word many dread to put on the to-do list. We all know exercising is important to a certain degree, but a lot of people don’t understand just how important it really is. Because of that, it’s knocked down to a lesser priority while negative excuses tend to take over such as: “it…


The Bright Side Of Dark Chocolate

One thing that makes the world go round for many is one of life’s simplest foods:  Chocolate! It’s known to be associated with romance, love, relaxation, satisfaction, comfort and unfortunately weight gain.  But what people don’t realize is that it’s also very beneficial to your health! That’s right, chocolate is something you should include regularly…

Life style

How Does Motivation Change You?

There are many people out there who are still getting to know themselves. They think they know exactly who we are for the most part. What a lot of individuals do not realize is what guides their choices and decision making in general comes from motivation, which is defined as “a complex construct that refers…


Crash Dieting & Fad-Diets 101

Two common ways to live healthy and strong are through diet and exercise. It has been noted and recommended by virtually almost every health and medical source known to mankind which has been practiced and preached for decades. Only in the past few decades, were figures and physiques looked at and judged soley to please…


Macronutrients VS. Micronutrients: The Good & The Bad

There are so many important things to worry about when it comes to maintaining good health that it can make your head-spin. Essential nutrients to the body are in two categories: macronutrients & micronutrients. Macronutrients are defined to be needed in large quantities for normal growth and development. Individuals attempt to monitor macronutrients more often…


Benefits of Wearing a Heart Monitor Watch & Strap

There’s more to exercise than just movement, heavy breathing, and sweating.  You have to factor in heart rate, oxygen levels, blood flow, proper hydration, and of course our favorite – proper muscle-building and strength.  All though they are all important, there is one in particular that can give you a better idea of how your…


Military Fitness: 10 Tips To Battle Your Bulges

Life in the military is a demanding occupation, not just at your trained profession, but also to maintain an expected level of physical fitness for obvious reasons of combat, training exercises, and overall health to be the best at what America expects us to be. Anyone can condition their bodies to be the best just…

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