The Ultimate Interval Training Guide

For athletes of all sports, interval training has been getting more and more popular. Interval training is an effective way to get the benefits of cardio in less time, burn fat, and increase the heart’s efficiency. The best thing of all is that it can be done by anyone of any fitness level!   So in…


6 Reasons to Exercise during Pregnancy

You’re pregnant and a very exited mommy-to-be, but what about the gym? Do you still have exercise in your mind or has it left the building? Many years ago, exercising during pregnancy was frowned upon, but now with the advances in research, we now know that it has many benefits for you and your baby….


Should You Cooldown after a Workout?

You feel beat and run down after every workout session and you want to hit the sack as soon as possible. Not so fast, as abruptly ending your workout session can lead to many problems you might have never thought of. You remember that gym class  teacher who told you that a cool down period…


6 Reasons to Do Steady State Cardio

In recent times, people have been bashing steady-state cardio and there has been a movement towards only interval training. So many so-called “experts” start to say that longer cardio is detrimental and sessions should be no longer than 20 minutes. Who chose this time limit — nobody knows! There’s no denying that interval training and…


7 BOSU Ball Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

The gym isn’t the only place to get a good workout in. Ever wonder how to take your workout outside with very little equipment? Using a BOSU ball you can do a wide-range of exercises that not only develop your core, increase your balance, power, strength and improves your agility, but also are extremely fun….


How to Improve Wrist Strength

When we exercise, we mostly focus on the major muscles groups like the biceps, lats, glutes and hamstrings among others. But, did you know that if you also focus on smaller parts like the forearms and wrists, you will enhance your workout and get so much more muscle performance?   Yes, we do tend to…


What is a Brick Workout?

Triathlons training can be an exciting sport, usually involving biking, running and swimming. A Brick workout is an ideal exercise regimen for excelling in this type of event. If you are a new entrant in the game, doing brick workouts on a regular basis is important for gaining some confidence. Aerobics and light endurance training…

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