10-Minute Pull-Up Panic

How many pull-ups can you do?  Is it more than 10?  If not, don’t worry you’re like most people. Pull-ups like push-ups for beginners and advanced athletes are a big ego booster. They’re the two body weight exercises that people use to compare their strength with others, similar to the bench press or squat. it’s time to learn how to build some upper body strength with this compound exercise that not only trains the muscles of the back, but also the shoulders, biceps, forearms, and core.


Even if you can only do one rep of each variation, you’ll still feel noticeably stronger. You need to start somewhere and this circuit will have you completing over 10 pull-ups in no time! Try this circuit and let us know how you felt afterwards. If you can’t lift your arms, you did it right!


The Workout


Click Here for a Downloadable PDF


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