Importance of Rest between Sets

Rest is important between exercises to allow for recovery and acquire best results. However, many people overlook the importance of rest between sets. Instead of practicing 3 seps of 10 reps and taking rest in between, many people try to lose calories by doing 30 reps at a stretch. However, it is not the best…


Workout of the Day: Core X-Training

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Ultimate Biceps Burnout

Anyone who’s spent time working out knows that routines need to be changed often to prevent plateaus. Why is this? Well, muscles need to be stimulated (by weights) and the response to the stimulus is to essentially lift the weight. When the workouts get harder, the muscles need to use every bit of energy to…

Top Upper Body Exercises at Home

Your upper body strength is needed at many times of the day, from lifting the kids up, carrying the groceries, hanging on to fiddo as you pass another dog on the streets, and even down to opening that jar of spaghetti sauce for dinner. Face it, you need a little muscle every day. So here…

Bigger Triceps in 4 Weeks

Biceps symbolize strength and power; but there’s more to the arm than the biceps! It only makes up a small amount of the entire arm, don’t forget about the back of your arms. Yes I’m talking about that soft muscle that you fail to train each week. The triceps make up the majority of your…

5-3-1 Biceps Breakdown

Everyone wants to have strong, well-defined biceps. After chest and abs, this is the most desired muscle group for men and women. Strong firm arms are a demonstration of strength and physical fitness. When you had less knowledge of the skeletal muscles, if someone said “make a muscle” what did you do? You flexed your…

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