Importance of Rest between Sets

Rest is important between exercises to allow for recovery and acquire best results. However, many people overlook the importance of rest between sets. Instead of practicing 3 seps of 10 reps and taking rest in between, many people try to lose calories by doing 30 reps at a stretch. However, it is not the best…


Are Deadlifts Really Bad for Your Back?

One of the most beneficial, yet challenging compound exercises is the deadlift. This exercise may be one of the most important exercises to develop lagging muscles. It trains just about every major muscle group: legs, back, shoulders, posterior chain, and arms. With all of the benefits, this exercise is one of the most neglected because…


Top 10 Essential Tips to Improve Your Back

Let’s face it, having a strong back is awesome! It not only improves your posture, but also will help build a great foundation for developing muscle. The greatest part is that training your back will help you to appear much wider and stronger. So why are you lacking in the back department? The problem may…


Workout of the Day: Core X-Training

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