6 Reasons to Exercise during Pregnancy

You’re pregnant and a very exited mommy-to-be, but what about the gym? Do you still have exercise in your mind or has it left the building? Many years ago, exercising during pregnancy was frowned upon, but now with the advances in research, we now know that it has many benefits for you and your baby….


Importance of Rest between Sets

Rest is important between exercises to allow for recovery and acquire best results. However, many people overlook the importance of rest between sets. Instead of practicing 3 seps of 10 reps and taking rest in between, many people try to lose calories by doing 30 reps at a stretch. However, it is not the best…


Bulking Up: Why Women Shouldn’t Fear

“Bulky” is almost a dreaded word, especially when it comes to females working out.  Guys want it but the ladies don’t, therefore the reason most women have a fear of taking up strength training and believe the myth that lifting weights will make them “bulk up.”  Instead, other appealing activities are of more interest simply…

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