RippedNFit Workout of the Day: Back on Track

Try today’s back workout which involves lifting heavy weights to build all of the muscles in the back. To really put on size you need to stimulate your muscles with heavy weights, lots of reps, and multiple angles. If you haven’t been making any progress in your back, this workout is definitely going to do the trick. This is definitely the workout to give you those impressive cobra lats that will set you apart from the other gym members.┬áTry to increase the weight load for each set, but make sure to keep good form. Now that you understand the expectations, are you ready to get your BACK ON TRACK?




How was the workout, leave your feedback in the comments section below!


Romy Antoine
Author: Romy Antoine is the CEO & Founder of RippedNFit. He wanted to create a fitness media outlet with reliable and trusted information to help people get healthier and happier. His work has been covered by Men's Health, Black Enterprise, Train Magazine and many others. He is also a sought-after fitness coach, bodybuilder, nutritionist, health coach, who works with clients all over the world.

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