What is a Brick Workout?

Triathlons training can be an exciting sport, usually involving biking, running and swimming. A Brick workout is an ideal exercise regimen for excelling in this type of event. If you are a new entrant in the game, doing brick workouts on a regular basis is important for gaining some confidence. Aerobics and light endurance training will help you reach the desired fitness level.



Triathlon training is great for killing boredom and you can actually strengthen different muscles by doing this multifaceted style of exercise. Swimming, running and cycling can ensure a full-body workout which helps in burning extra fat. This multi-disciplinary sport includes sprinting, riding and the brick workout. Brick exercise is one of the most neglected parts of the training, though it exerts most effort and energy. Let’s explore the benefits of this workout.



A brick workout combines any two disciplines consecutively without any rest in between. This is like a super-set of different forms of exercise. The best part of this type of fitness training is that your body needs to adjust to different modes of exercise as you switch from one mode to another. This way, your pulse rate increases as the blood flows from the muscles that were strained in the first exercise mode to the muscles that get to work once the next exercise session starts.



As a result, your entire body learns to handle the muscular, aerobic and anaerobic demands needed for a triathlon. While professionals can get excellent transition training which is a part of the process and can train their body to fit into new situations almost instantaneously, general fitness enthusiasts can find this workout extremely helpful for burning the extra calorie.



Brick Workout – How it Works

Usually, brick workout sessions comprise of running/cycling workouts. However, you can also go for swimming-biking or running-biking for a change.



For a running / bike brick workout

First off, you need to learn cycling and should gain some confidence. To start, walk or jog 1 mile every day after cycling. If you are not a professional, you should keep distances shorter so that you do not end up exhausted. The ideal shorter distance brick workout should include biking 5 miles and running 1 mile after that. Repeat the process four times.



For a swim/bike brick workout

3 x (500 yards swim + 5 mile bike). Try to swim 500 yards + 5 mile bike ride, then repeat the process three times.


When you get off the bike and get ready to run you’ll notice that your legs feel heavy, like bricks (this is why they call it a brick workout).  Also, the heart rate goes up, as our body tries to switch the blood from flowing into the muscles used for biking to those used for running. This feeling is generally felt during the start of the run and eases over time. Eventually these brick workouts will help increase endurance and help you to run faster and more efficiently.



If you are looking to enhance your performance or endurance level, you need to increase the distance in the two disciplines you choose slowly but surely. This will gradually take your muscle strength and endurance to the next level.


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