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Do you want to soak up some sun and show off a fit physique this summer? Now you can get the sexy summer body you’ve always wanted (but didn’t think you could fit into your schedule)...


Get One-on-One, Online Fitness Coaching with Scheduling that Works for You

and a Flexible Diet Plan!



The hardest part about changing your body is getting started. So if you've been putting off getting in shape because you're still looking for that "perfect moment," there's no better time than right now to begin your fitness journey.


With 2 flexible options that easily fit your lifestyle, you get the attention your fitness goals need... in the amount of time that works best for you!

Lean Body Lockdown

  • Personal, one-on-one coaching

    with email answers to all your fitness and health questions within 24 hours. Never be stuck in the dark again!

  • Fully customized plan

    that covers everything you need to burn fat, tone those beautiful curves, and get the summer-ready body you need!

  • A fitness strategy based on you!

    Plenty of people try to sell you generic plans, but they only leave you with generic results. Get a plan that’s designed for your unique body type, goals, and lifestyle!

  • Detailed diet with flexible options.

    Don’t get stuck eating the same thing every day! I’ll give you a huge choice of food so that you can actually enjoy your diet.

  • Workout plans with detailed demonstrations.

    I don’t just give you a list of exercises. I handpick the ones that best fit your goals, and I actually show you how to do them!

  • Plus… I refine your plan every two weeks.

    Your body is going to change, so you need a plan that changes with you!

  • Complete macronutrient and portion breakdown.

    I don’t try to keep things secret and mysterious. You know exactly what you’re eating, every time!

  • If you’re interested in supplements to accelerate your transformation,

    I’ll show you the best, safest supplements that fit your goals!

  • Your plan is fully crafted for you.

    Don’t have a gym? No problem! I’ll give you exercises you can do right at home!




Fit Physique Fast Track

Reach your fitness and body recomposition goals even faster with this plan that takes your total body transformation to the next level. With the Fit Physique Fast Track Plan, you get everything included in the Lean Body Lockdown Plan, plus…

  • Full access to me by phone, text, or skype.

    Reach me however you like, whenever you need to!

  • Mindset and life coaching.

    Fitness isn’t just about the body. Learn how to manage your stress, change your attitude towards exercise, and get the positive attitude your body needs!

  • Training videos and worksheets

    designed to give you the mindset training you need to maximize your results in the shortest time possible.

  • Weekly coaching calls with me, Romy Antoine!

    We’ll go over your progress, roadblocks, and unique challenges, and I’ll help get you through all of them.

  • Keep your fitness plan fresh

    with more frequent updates. We’re going to zero in on the body you want faster and with more accuracy than ever before!




Get the Results that 1000s of Clients Have Loved!

I feel I had more contact with you than the PT’s that I have hired in the past and they worked at my gym!!

You were there every step of the way, changing my program or my food intake depending on what you saw in the weekly photo’s I sent through.

Your approach to training and nutrition is based on your knowledge and then customised for the individual and not a generic program that has been used before on countless people.


I wanted to gain more muscle in my legs and he has done that for me in just a short time I can see a tremendous difference in my strength and endurance. I have more energy over all and don't feel tried by mid afternoon.

I have learned a lot about nutrition and that it plays a big part in getting you where you would like to be other than just exercising. I am amazed by results that I want more! Romy truly takes the guesswork out for you!


Romy, is an amazing coach and wealth of knowledge! I wanted to start a transformation of my body and mind and Romy helped me so much along the way. He was so prompt at answering any questions and very knowledgable in his field. I felt the best, and looked the best I ever had when working with him.

Did I mention we never met personally? That is how great he was...he was able to motivate me and keep me thirsty for more improvement. You can just tell he is extremely dedicated to his craft and wants to help people who are willing to be helped, and put forth the effort!


Romy is a positive, motivating and knowledgable trainer and I have had a great experience working with him!

His expertise in both nutrition and fitness training are unparallelled and he is always friendly and encouraging. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a challenging, positive and knowledgable trainer!


Save 15% on Your Summer Body!

If you sign up for any plan and pay in full before the end of this month, I’ll take 15% off your plan of choice!

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It’s the fastest, easiest way to start changing your body for the better. Remember, with both of my plans you get the detailed strategies you need, plus…

  • Professional coaching from a nutritionist and personal trainer -- me, Romy Antoine!
  • Personalized attention and a carefully crafted plan that’s designed just for you.
  • One-on-one coaching with answers to all of your health and fitness questions.
  • … and a unique strategy that’s guaranteed to work!
  • *All programs require a 3 month minimum commitment.

Right now could be the moment that changes your summer -- and your life -- for good! So don’t put it off. Get your FREE summer-body consultation today!

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