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#GETYOURGOALON with Vitamin Shoppe!

There’s nothing better than coming home to a big package from Vitamin Shoppe right on my doorsteps! When I opened it, I was amazed to see all the great products inside – it felt like Christmas all over again! Some of the products I received were protein samples, organic coconut oil, liquid melatonin digestive enzymes, BCAAS, and a new pill case. This was a really thoughtful package because it was not only just packed with workout supplements but also natural, holistic items that will aid in my overall wellness.

I was mostly glad that this package came when it did because I was running low on coconut oil, a major staple in my diet. Coconut oil has so many uses and benefits. You can use it to cook, mix it in with some Bodytech protein and make a smoothie, and so much more. I like it because of the amazing flavor it adds to my food and gives me a good boost of energy when mixing it with my morning meal.

I am a nutritionist, fitness coach, and corporate wellness specialist who helps people all over the world reach their goals. Out of my many clients, I work with a lot of bodybuilding and bikini competitors and have helped them all develop top-notch winning physiques, and I have done a few competitions in the past. I’ve thought about doing it again for the past couple of years, but always found an excuse to push it back. This year, I am going to #getmygoalon and finally commit to it! The date will be sometime in the summer.

To accomplish this goal, I will create a diet to help me pack on some muscle while lowering my body fat percentage and I’ll have a very specific training routine. In addition to the diet, I’ll also be taking a few essential supplements including : Critical Aminos, Coconut Oil, Fish Oil, Vitamins, and Protein. You can follow my entire progress on Instagram @RomyDidIt.

The Vitamin Shoppe has been my go-to supplement store since I began my fitness journey back in 2003 because it’s so close to home and there’s so many locations and they have prices that no other physical store can beat! They have a wide selection of brands and a lot of their own Bodytech supplements are the same, if not better taste & quality than some of the more popular brands, so you have options! The staff is very knowledgeable about the supplements, and you really don’t find that in many other supplement shops. I usually know what I want, but if I do happen to have a question they give me great advice. And if you rather shop online, they have a great online store and super fast shipping!

Another reason why I love Vitamin Shoppe is because they are supportive of my journey and have been helping me build my company. I have done health fairs/events this past year in which they have donated product and even purchased booth space from me! The corporate & marketing team are easy to reach and always looking to help! So thank you Vitamin Shoppe and Fitfluential for everything!

Stay tuned for my next few posts with updates on my training and more product reviews of the box.

I hope this post gave you more insight on the store and inspires you to #GETYOURGOALON


This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Vitamin Shoppe.


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