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Lack of Motivation?

No matter what fitness level you’re at, whether you’re working out a few hours per week, or just the casual gym goer, we all want to be better, accomplish goals, and improve our lives. Everyone wants to be better than they were before, but sometimes it can be difficult if we’re not motivated. Most of us suffer from lack of motivation at some point. This can be triggered by many things, but two of the biggest are that we simple get bored or try to figure things out on our own, which can lead to confusion and frustration.

If you’re doing the same workouts in the same order over and over, it is really easy to get bored and lose motivation. Think about it if your workouts lack variety and start feeling like a chore, why would you look forward to it? Do you look forward to washing the dishes – didn’t think so! And just as your brain gets bored, your body feels the same way! Your body and mind adapt to doing the same routine and the same exercises over time. So if you’re not switching them up often, you start to plateau. Try switching it up every workout, whether it’s changing the rep range, intensity, or even the order; this will keep you excited to train.

Along with working out, can come frustration, especially if you are just beginning and are not sure what you are doing. When starting out or trying something new, we often lack the knowledge and advice needed to do things correctly. This makes us even more frustrated because we now are not getting the results we were hoping for because we can’t properly complete the routine. When this happens, we lose motivation.

Luckily, the 10K Challenge that is almost upon us helps to take care of that by providing you with Our Proprietary: Fast Lane Fitness Program, where you will find detailed, step by step instructions for your workouts which will change daily. This will help increase your motivation since you don’t have the chance to become bored with your workout routine and each exercise is detailed, step by step, so you know exactly what to do to achieve maximum results!


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