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RippedNFit Model of the Week: Sondra Blockman

Today I had the chance to interview Sondra Blockman, she is a great person. I actually had to opportunity to meet up with this beautiful bikini competitor after her show at the NPC USA’s in Vegas. She has a lot of great information to share and is a very great person to meet. I feel that she will do great in her upcoming shows and will get her pro card really soon. Read her interview to learn more about her:

Name:  Sondra Blockman

Hometown: Mt. Shasta, CA

Height: 5’2

Birthday: June 24th 1987

Weight: 110

Occupation: Fitness Specialist/Personal Trainer

What sparked your interest in training and how did you get started?

I’ve always had a passion for physical activity. Ever since I was young I was involved in sports. Growing up I participated in martial arts, Competitive gymnastics and track and field.  In college I competed in Track and field at the NAIA national level. After I graduated College I decided to take training it to the next level.

img_0311What motivates you to continue training?

My health, and I believe it is important for me to be a walking poster board for my work. As a trainer, I believe it is important for me to look the part. Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk!

What mistakes did you make as a beginner?

Thinking that I knew everything, so wrong! I am learning everyday, and there is still so much for me to learn.

If you can go back in time and change anything would you?

Not really, It’s been really important for me to learn from my mistakes. It has been humbling, but very beneficial.

If you can only do three exercises which would they be and why?

Deadlifts, Squats, Pull ups. I am a big fan of almost any compound exercise! You get way more bang for your buck!

What’s the biggest piece  of advice anyone has given you in this industry?

Never give up, even if things don’t seem to be going your way.

392173_10151129127863933_317693993_nWhat are 3 words to describe you?

Vivacious, humorous, loving

How has this changed your life?

Many different aspects. It’s made me a more disciplined person all around. I can show the same dedication to other things I set my mind on. I’ve also struggled many years with gluten intolerance and other G.I tract issues, and the diet has steered me clear of the immense pain eating dirty can bring.

How important is it to have a good support system with this lifestyle?

Extremely important. Being around people who don’t support you and believe in you makes it harder for you to believe in yourself.

What are your hobbies?

Recreational gymnastics, drawing, traveling and cooking

24117_369752263932_430249_nI had the chance to see you compete at USAs and you placed very well, especially in such a large class; how did you feel?

I felt confident and ready! I was ECSTATIC to hear I was in the 1st call out! You never really know what to expect, since the panel of judges is always different, and sometimes the look they are wanting varies. I was very proud! I worked my tail off so I was very happy to place 4th at my first national show!

What is your current weekly workout routine?

Monday: Back and bi’s

Tuesday: Chest and Tri’s

Wednesday: Legs (glut focused)

Thursday: Shoulders

Friday: Legs

Saturday: Abs and cardio bursts

Now that my upperbody is done developing I only hit it once week for maintenance (I don’t want a massive upper body!). I do legs 3 times a week and cardio everyday.


Would you provide a sample workout routine?

Legs (glute concentration)

Single set

* Barbell deep squats 4×12 heavy


* Deadlifts 4×15

* Kettle Swings 4×20

* Glute Bridges (hip thrusts with barbell) 4×12

*Walking lunges 3×24 heavy

* Butt blaster

* Weighted step ups

20-25min HITT Cardio

What does your daily diet consist of?

Gluten free Oatmeal, sweet potatoes and yams, egg whites, tilapia, chicken, asparagus, fage yogurt, brocolli, peanut butter, rice cakes and ISO 100 protein powder.

What is your favorite cheat meal and how do you deal with cravings?

Too many to name: Pizza, ice cream, and cookies! Whenever I have a craving, I eat a Questbar or have pb2 and rice cakes.

If you never got into this sport, what would you be doing?

Still having fun with Recreational gymnastics and drawing more.

What is your favorite workout song?

Derezzed- Daft punk

376212_10151981225990092_186557588_nWho do you look up to in this industry?

Cliché, but Arny is my main man!

What three tips can you give to women who want to start competing?

1. Set REALISTIC goals. Many women set themselves up for failure by idolizing figures or looks that are not attainable in the time period they want. Your goals should be that of an Intrinsic nature,not solely extrinsic- You will be happier and less likely to be disappointed by doing this.

2. Be diligent: be serious about the training and the diet, it makes all the difference.

3. Find a good posing coach! I haven’t had a posing coach my last 3 shows! Although I did well, I could have done much better and avoided a few blunders if I had worked with one earlier.

What was the biggest obstacle you faced while trying to make it big in fitness?

Battling those who belittle my ambitions- Better yet, learning to ignore them. Also, the challenge of not caving in to what the media/society’s perception of beauty is- I don’t think that going out and getting augmented should make me or break me when it comes to the fitness industry, that just doesn’t make sense.

527173_10151129132413933_1456104862_nWhat is your favorite movie?

Hard to say, but I’m a big comic book nerd, So any Marvel or DC comic movie!! X-men, Ironman,  Batman, spiderman, thore etc.

Tell me one random fact about yourself?

I used to be obsessed with DragonBall Z!

Where can people get into contact with you?

Message me on Face book or email

Anyone you would like to thank?

My home Gym Everyday Fitness, Team DreamQuest, my parents, Erica Blockman, Chris baker and Noel Fuller

It’s been our pleasure! Do you have a quote, or any closing words for your fans and the readers of RippedNFit?

So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable. – Christopher Reeve

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