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Pancake Bot: The World’s 1st Pancake Printer!

If you’re a pancake lover you might love this. As Miguel Valenzuela attempted to create fun pancakes for his daughter, he figured it would be amazing if there was a machine that could do this, so he created the Pancake Bot. It uses 3D printing technology to basically turn any design into a pancake in seconds! All you…

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Is Extreme-Couponing A Healthy Lifestyle?

No doubt does it seem that today is harder than yesterday regarding everyday living expenses and freedoms.  I mean everything seems to be creeping up in price; gas, movie tickets, cable/internet, not to mention taxes and of course, food costs.  No wonder so many people claim it’s too expensive to eat-clean.  Thankfully, now-a-days there’s points-cards,…

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Train To Be A Superhero

Superheroes don’t always just come from comic books and Hollywood movies.  Ironically, like the comic books and Hollywood movies, they typically blend in with everyone else when they’re not being called upon.  Undoubtedly they have some pretty awesome outfits, but what makes them stand out more than that is what they’re capable of doing.  The…

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How Oxytocin Makes Women More Attractive

Even though testosterone might be the popular male hormone, there’s another very interesting hormone that will definitely keep men coming back for more. It’s called oxytocin and it’s also known as the “bonding hormone”.   Oxytocin is a neurohypophysial hormone that is secreted by the pituitary gland and released in the brain. It plays a…

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Russian Subway Accepts Squats for Payment

With the high amounts of subway commuters, y to save some money would be perfect. With the high rates of obesity and overweight individuals, any incentive to get people to exercise has to be worth it!   To promote the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, a special vending machine has been installed at Vystavochaya station…

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Virgin America’s Awesomely Entertaining Airline Safety Video

For those of you who travel frequently, the flight safety presentations can be the most boring and monotonous part of your trip. The majority of people simply don’t watch these presentations at all. Well this all may change because Virgin America has produced an award-winning in-flight safety video. It was voted as the most entertaining…

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5 Ways to Stay Lean While on Vacation

Hot sun, beaches, parties, booze, and fun. This is really what summer vacation is all about. You’ve spent the last few months training hard and dieting correctly in hopes of reaching your physique goals and now it’s time to show off your hard work. 5 Ways to Stay Lean on Vacation Travel usually goes hand-in-hand…

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