10 Healthier Father’s Day Lunch Recipes

They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Show dad your appreciation this Father’s Day by whipping up a nice meal. If you’re not sure what to make, consider one of these “man meals” that the entire family can enjoy. All of these dishes, commonly containing high calorie food, can be swapped with healthier alternatives. Whatever his taste, you’ll find something that will impress. Here’s a list of 10 Healthy Father’s Day Lunch Recipes.

Top 10 Healthier Father’s Day Lunch Recipes

1. Healthy Sloppy Joe’s

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? This traditional American dish is a great balance of protein and carbohydrates. Swapping lean ground beef or turkey for regular will cut down on fat. And be sure to serve on a whole wheat bun instead of a white bun.skinny-sloppy-joe

2. White Bean and Turkey Chili

Dad with surely love this hearty stew that’s under 300 calories! With the combination of beans and turkey, this meal is packed with protein.  Healthier options are using 99% fat-free ground turkey, lower sodium broth, and fresh tomatoes.

3. Seared Spicy Fajitas

A popular Tex-Mex dish that is very simple to make. This recipe calls for skirt steak, which is a great source of zinc. You can also use flank steak, a good source of iron. Both are very lean cuts and an excellent source of protein. Remember to marinate the beef, as they are tough. Serve with fat-free plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and whole wheat tortillas instead of white tortillas.

4. Rosemary Swordfish Skewers with Sweet Pepper Salad

If dad is in the mood for something lighter, this is a great option. Swordfish is a great source of Omega 3s, known to have many health benefits including preventing heart disease. Sweet peppers provide tons of carotenoids, an anti-aging antioxidant, and Vitamin C along with plenty other vitamins.rosemary-swordfish-skewers-with-sweet-pepper-salad-646

5. Cauliflower Pizza Pie

Finally a guilt free pizza! This is great if dad is on special diet. It’s paleo, low-carb, and gluten-free. Cauliflower has tons of health benefits including reduces risk of cancer, contains lots of antioxidants and vitamins, and is low in calories.

6. Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s Pie was voted number one on the Top 10 Meals of the American Man. This ultimate comfort food has all the ingredients that appeal a man’s pallet: meat, potatoes, and corn. Swapping white potatoes for sweet potatoes gives this dish nutritional value and a lot of flavor. Sweet potatoes are packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients. It is a slow-releasing carb, keeping one’s blood sugar regulated. Corn is a good source of fiber and antioxidants. Be sure to use fat-free ground meat and lower sodium broth.

7. Spaghetti Squash Lo Mein

A favorite Chinese takeout option without the sodium overload. Replacing regular spaghetti with spaghetti squash reduces the carbs significantly. Spaghetti squash has lots of vitamins and minerals, is low in calories, and is a good source of fiber. If dad absolutely needs his carbs, use whole wheat spaghetti instead of white. Using low sodium soy sauce, or better yet, liquid aminos cuts back on the sodium. Feel free to add pork tenderloin or chicken for added protein.chinese-spaghetti-squash_thumb

8. Crab Cake Sliders with Pineapple Kiwi Salsa

Make a delicious crabby patty and complement it with a light summery salsa. Crabs are rich in chromium, which helps balance blood sugar. They are low in fat, but still have healthy amounts of Omega 3s. They are rich is selenium, which helps fight cancer. They are high in protein and have no carbs. Serve on a whole wheat bun.

9. Lamb Chops and Spicy-Sweet Potato and Dried Cranberry Waffle

A twist on the traditional “chicken and waffles” using lamb and sweet potatoes. Lamb is a lean meat which is high in protein and very common in Mediterranean cuisine. It is known to be heart healthy because of its B vitamin and antioxidant content. This dish is high in protein and low in fat. If lamb doesn’t float dad’s boat, it can always be substituted with another protein.

10. Smokey BBQ Chicken Grilled Cheese

A childhood favorite that anyone can prepare. This combination of grilled chicken and BBQ sauce will surely make dad’s taste buds happy. If you don’t have a Panini presser, use a grill pan. Opt for wheat bread instead of white.


These are all delicious lunch options for Father’s Day without adding extra inches to his waist. Bon appetite!


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