Top 8 Food Ingredients to Avoid

It may seem like ages ago, but people used to eat what they grew in their backyards or what their neighbors grew and sold at the local farmers market. Today, not so much and because of this we now are struggling to be healthy human beings. Look into the future, many tend to forget the…


Top 10 Cold & Flu fighting Foods!

After a cough and a sneeze, we are well aware that it is flu season. If we don’t catch it early these symptoms lead to runny nose, and fever. But instead of all the medications, let’s take a simple, natural approach to fighting this terrible virus. While a simple antibiotic or cough syrup can easily…

Andrew Schauss

I had heard of Romy through a friend and decided to look at his Facebook page and liked what I saw so I decided to give it a try. That was one of the best decisions of my life! The diet was exactly what I needed to pack on muscle and cut fat and the…


Top 3 Most Accurate Methods For Measuring Body Fat

There are numerous methods to measure body fat. Having said that, there are also numerous ways to get inaccurate readings.  Most people go by their bathroom scale, or even a small hand-held device to find out how much fat they have.  The downfall to these methods are they do not offer accuracy, including the traditional…


Saturated Fat is Actually Good For You!

We’ve all heard it: fat is bad for your health. But this statement is so outdated that it has been labelled a fad. Fat is one of the most powerful nutrients that you can consume and we will explain the different types of fat, as well as the specific role of saturated fat in your…

Life style

Eating Disorders: How to Cope & Typical Warning Signs

Eating disorders have become too common among women and men. Sometimes people aren’t comfortable in their own skin and tend to compare themselves to what the social pressures forces them to look like. Eating disorders destroy lives left and right,  yet society still supports them by hitting the generation at stake with what is acceptable…

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