Is Soda a Possible Hangover Cure?

Hangovers are often rough, leaving you tired and dehydrated, especially when you had a lot to drink. Though, it is an age-old problem, treatment of hangover is still minimal. When hangovers differ in intensity, it is almost impossible to eliminate the symptoms. Caused by the combination of Vitamin reduction, dehydration, and alcohol metabolism, with little…


7 BOSU Ball Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

The gym isn’t the only place to get a good workout in. Ever wonder how to take your workout outside with very little equipment? Using a BOSU ball you can do a wide-range of exercises that not only develop your core, increase your balance, power, strength and improves your agility, but also are extremely fun….

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Why Should You Wear Sunglasses Year Round

Sunglasses are not just an accessory or a fashion trend. Of course it can enhance your appearance and help you to flaunt your style. However, its primary purpose is to protect your precious eyes from sun rays. Emission of UV rays can damage your vision and reduce your eyesight. Avoiding going out in the sun…

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Generic or Name-Brand Medications: Which is Better?

When it comes to medication people often choose the generic brands as they are significantly cheaper than popular name brand medications. But is there really a difference?     Michael Fischer, M.D., M.S., associate physician at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital says, “Generic drugs have the same active ingredients, strength, and quality as the name-brand…

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7 Most Germiest Places in your Home

We try to avoid germs by not touching things that look dirty and filthy. However, often we fail to identify areas in our home or office that are literally infested with germs. Being too small to identify with naked eye gives them an advantage over us. Health experts have expressed their concern over germ infestations…


How to Improve Wrist Strength

When we exercise, we mostly focus on the major muscles groups like the biceps, lats, glutes and hamstrings among others. But, did you know that if you also focus on smaller parts like the forearms and wrists, you will enhance your workout and get so much more muscle performance?   Yes, we do tend to…


Top 5 Anti-Inflammatory Spices

How to do cook your food? Is it bland or is it bursting with flavor? Did you know that spices are a great way to add more flavor to your food without the added calories that can be found in many dips and sauces? Cooking with anti-inflammatory spices can be a great way to improve…


What is a Brick Workout?

Triathlons training can be an exciting sport, usually involving biking, running and swimming. A Brick workout is an ideal exercise regimen for excelling in this type of event. If you are a new entrant in the game, doing brick workouts on a regular basis is important for gaining some confidence. Aerobics and light endurance training…

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Train To Be A Superhero

Superheroes don’t always just come from comic books and Hollywood movies.  Ironically, like the comic books and Hollywood movies, they typically blend in with everyone else when they’re not being called upon.  Undoubtedly they have some pretty awesome outfits, but what makes them stand out more than that is what they’re capable of doing.  The…

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