Top 3 Workouts For Couples

Couples workouts are a fun and innovative way to revitalize a relationship and step out of the daily routine. Besides ensuring more time spent together, fitness and cardio activities performed with your partner can also improve couple communication, help both of you relax and eliminate stress, make you healthier and more self-confident. Workouts for couples…

Life style

The Best 5 Ways to Balance Fitness and Family Life

Hitting the gym daily is refreshing and energizing but when you have a family and a busy working schedule, there’s a great risk of neglecting one of these life components while paying more attention to another. Separating work life from your home life is surely a smart thing to do for healthy relationships with your…


10 Body-Weight Exercises that can get you Ripped

Lifting weights isn’t for everyone. Many people don’t know that there are other ways to sculpt a nice physique besides lifting heavy weights. If you are looking to try something new or just get a really good workout try these 10 body-weight exercises that are sure to get you ripped. 1.) Push-Up  The push up…


5 Myths About Carbohydrates

Numerous theories and myths about carbohydrates claim these nutrients are the most unfriendly to one’s silhouette and the most harmful when it comes to the health conditions they may lead to. However, there are lots of nutritionists and trainers recommending people to include carbohydrates in their daily diet. Does this mean they’re unaware of the…

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