8 Ways to Balance Fitness & College Life

Lets face it, with studying, class, work, relationships, and a social life it can be extremely hard to stay on top of your fitness regime in college. However, it is possible. With the right time management you can accomplish everything and still workout. 8 Ways to Stick to Your Fitness Plan with a Busy College…


Perk Up: Coffee may Improve your Health

What is one of the first things we think of when we open our eyes? What is the lifeline that helps us concentrate during the day, especially when it is packed with meetings? Coffee of course! Yes, a lot of people around the globe can’t function without having at least one cup first thing in…

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Should You Exercise While Sick?

You’re following a brand new workout plan and have been doing extremely well, then all of a sudden you get the flu.  What should you do? Push through it or get some rest?There’s always questions regarding exercising, but one controversial question is knowing whether it is okay to continue with your workout program while sick,…

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Embrace the Cold: Shivering is Proven to Burn BodyFat

Fat! Everyone has it. Normally we associate it with being overweight – in other words it’s bad – but fat has several functions like protection and insulation. But here comes the best news of all, especially for all the ladies out there: Fat can burn fat!   Different Types of Fat Oh yes, you have…


Why You Should Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

It is a well-known fact that obesity numbers has risen all over the world. People have very stressful lifestyles, bad eating habits and are inactive. A lot of people who struggle with obesity, do not have a good relationship and knowledge of food, and use food for comfort. Unfortunately, they also fall prey to fad…

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World Cancer Day 2014: Dispelling the Myths

What would a world without cancer be like? Every year on February 4, organizations around the world join forces to fight cancer in honor of World Cancer Day. This major event is organized by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and leaves a great impact around the world. The amount of organization and individuals…

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